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Calligraphic Abstraction

From Typography to Calligraphic Abstraction

Christophe Badani is a type designer. He founded typophage and he designs custom alphabets for large companies such as Lacoste, Peugeot, Roland Garros, Lancôme, Veuve Clicquot, DS Automobiles, etc.

In addition to his work as a designer, Christophe also devoted himself to calligraphic painting, and he offers a variation on letters, signs and written gestures — they illustrate his artistic universe. He never ceases to imagine and refine a very personal eclectic palette. He paints abstract calligraphy and compositions where letters no longer form words but become images, stories that everyone interprets as they sense them.

After spending years of designing, calligraphic creations and creating letters in compliance with the strictest tradition of type design, Christophe felt he needed to work on writing freely and to give them plastic, aesthetic and symbolic sense. He aims to capture vitality, energy, intensity and balance in his works.

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